zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Another freebie for the weekend :) Template A4 / 8,5x11 pack

Hi everyone,
I have a Template pack for you, 3 different templates in A4 size
if you rather have a 8,5x11 size, you can still use the templates and after you are finished drag them into a empty 8,5x11 background. A4 is most used here in the Netherlands, that's why I used this size. I also included 3 wordarts, which you can place on which template you like best.
I made these because I have soooo many photo's I love and to display them all individually on my wall is just a no go. So this was the solution for my problem :)
I already printed one page, but first I have to get some frames!
Template A4 pack
Download here
My printed page
Created in Photoshop Elements 11

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  1. I tried to leave comments on your other freebies but somehow my iPad does not like the blogger template and it refused to post it. So here are all my thank you's in one go, thanks so much for all the great freebies, love them all!